1. The first activity we did on lockdown morning one was baking!! With the rush and madness of every day life smooshed, we did the once activity my daughter always asks for. We have baked nearly every day since!

2. Sofa PJ movie day

3. TOUCAN BOXES! These are awesome. Full of crafts and delivered every month. This month was making a little seed tray! PM me for referral code

4. Painting with water……. this was genius. 


6. TUF TRAY – Filled with water. Every. Single. Day

7. Screen time. They need time out sometimes

8. Planting seeds to watch them grow 🙂

9. This was ace. I froze Bella’s Dinos overnight. In the morning after breakfast I gave them some kids knives and set them the challenge of freeing the mummy & baby dino! They were at this for AGES! I watched some telly, drank hot tea. Little luxuries. 

10. Just being together and enjoying uninterrupted time as a family! WE WILL NEVER GET THIS TIME TOGETHER AGAIN. Its my silver lining 🙂

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