Annie & Anthony

Tenterden, Kent

You know when you meet someone and instantly click. They are your person. Well when Annie came to see me at my home to tell me all about her plans for their big day, this is exactly what happened! Her wedding was, as expected, absolutely incredible. In a field in Tenterden, rented off the farmer. Tents, marquee and the most amount of DIY garden games you could ever imagine. Their day was so full of love you couldn’t escape it. I left their wedding day on a massive high that never faded. Thank you thank you thank you Annie & Anthony for choosing me. I LOVED every single second.

“Ahhh thank you for sharing this again today! You are such an amazing wedding photographer/videographer. This video was a complete surprise for us and is just everything about our day. All the beautiful little and large details captured, emotions from all our guests and precious happy footage of Anthony’s grandad who sadly is no longer with us 💔 we have watched this many times and it literally takes me straight back, happy tears and all EVERY time. You are so talented Hannah Dougal Film & Photography and I will be forever grateful to you for capturing our day so beautifully as really the only thing left nearly 2 years later is the memories and our love.. and the memories are enhanced with this beautiful film xxx” Annie