Becoming a PA for Hannah was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It all began in 2016 when a Facebook friend recommended Hannah to me.

The partnership we have now all started when my family and I become clients. We had our first family session in the summer of 2016 when Holly was around six months and just learnt to sit. Our first session was definitely not our last.

Here is a large gallery of some of our first few sessions. Which are so amazing to look back on.

As you all know once you have had a session with Hannah there is no stopping you from wanting to return again and again. The images you receive as a client and the whole experience always had us wanting to come back for more.

Our first two years of knowing Hannah were filled with various sessions and the memories we have made from them I will never forget. Phoebe and Holly both adore Hannah and regularly ask when we are having photos taken again. I think as our entire house is full of various photos on the walls from all of our session the girls are constantly reminded. As are we all, which is how it should be.

From a client to a friend.

Having seen Hannah every few months for two years and the wonderful person she is it didn’t take long for us to become good friends. We soon found we had so much in common. With Holly and Bella being just a few months apart in age we would often meet up for playdates.

From a friend to a PA.

It wasn’t long until Hannah’s amazing little business was reaching new heights! It was through Facebook that she advertised it may be time to employ someone new. That evening a came up with a plan of what I could offer and it went from there.

I think it was roughly a week later we had our first meeting and realised that it was the start of something amazing! It all became official in March of 2018.

Who knew we would be where we are now.

Come back soon for more on our story together of ‘Becoming a PA’