I thought it was about time to introduce a bit more of myself to my blog!

I have two kids, Isabelle age three, and Edward who is now (HOW?!) five months old. Isabelle is brilliant, a mini me! Strong willed, defiant and kind. I absolutely love her. We clash something rotten when she is having one of her ‘days’ where the answer to just about everything except ‘Icelolly’ is no. 

Edward, is the polar opposite! He is the most laid back, observant little cherub and I am utterly IN LOVE with him. As long as he is fed and receives a cuddle every now and again he is the happiest little boy you could ever meet. 

When it was just me and Isabelle, I literally thought I had being a mum nailed……. breastfed till 19 months, not fussy with food, did as she was asked, super child. Sleep was……debatable. When Eddie was introduced to our lives however she did become slightly more……strong willed shall we say?!  She has definitely mellowed now she realises he is here to stay. But nailed is not a word I would use anymore……

Trying to juggle being a mum of two, running my business, and just life in general is not easy. Some days I do just want to lock myself in a dark quiet room! But it is bloody fantastic. Life has never been so full of family and fun. I have SO MUCH support from my parents who have the kids when I am working and even regularly take Isabelle on holiday with them. I am really lucky. When I am not working I make sure we fill at least our mornings with a trip to the garden centre….all time favourite, basically a free sea life centre. The beach, walk to town, meeting up with friends for playdates etc. The usual mum things. Dobbies….

If we are home Isabelle is very good at entertaining herself with her imagination or drawing on the walls. I often spend the afternoons answering emails, making phone calls, clearing up endless puddles and poops off the floor from our new puppy……. 

Life with two kids and now two dogs……is just amazing. I count my lucky stars!