Why my business is as much about me as it is the service I provide.

I started my photography business back in 2014. When i was shooting local families in Tunbridge Wells for a very small fee. I met all kinds of people and thrived off the contact! I love people after all. This built me a very good base. Soon their friends and family would book me for their family sessions and so on!

I found I connected with the families I was capturing on a personal level. Which makes complete sense really, what I am providing is a personal service. I would spend an hour or so with them walking around Dunorlan park, chatting about life.

Isabelle was born in 2016 and found I could relate to my clients even more, especially the mums! I have become friends with so many of my clients and often meet up with them for coffee, kids play dates etc.

I believe letting my clients in on a personal level, by completely opening the doors on my life as a mum with two kids helps them relate to me. They are then so much more relaxed when we have our session. After all, I completely understand the new parents exhaustion and anxiety about doing it right, the two year old who has had enough fifteen minutes in, the kids that just want to explore and play. I have kids of my own and know what it feels like!

Many if not most of my clients on my private social media accounts and actively encourage it. I believe my clients buy in to me as much as they do my photography. Its a big deal inviting a complete stranger in to your life to photography your family. They need to know who I am and what I am all about. My style of shooting requires a level of trust and understanding to be able to get completely relaxed, un-posed imagery.

One family who have become regular clients and I have become great friends with are the Hammond family. I had the pleasure of joining them all at home in their first few weeks of the last addition to there beautiful family. HERE you can view the full gallery of the most precious memories made.

I also have an ‘about me‘ section on our website for you to browse.

What do you think?

Hannah x