This weeks #CAPTURETHAT theme was ‘A Moment of Calm’……. Its sometimes a rare occurrence, especially in our home!

The images submitted this week have been so beautiful! I have really enjoyed going through them and choosing the best for this week. Well done everyone who entered! Keep them coming. 

Remember if you would like a hand with learning to use your DSLR if you have one, I have a beginners corse for just £19.99! Great to give you the foundations you need. Link at the bottom. This will give you the better quality images needed for the higher awards!

My top three for this week…..

With a Silver award this week we have this stunning image by Eleanor! How beautiful is this. For a higher award, I would need to see a better quality image. Stunning moment  I love the angle this image was taken from also. Try and frame a little better next time with more image to the left as your arm is cropped off a little. Well done! Time to get a DSLR!

Image by Eleanor Mary 2020

Then with a Bronze award is Harrison playing chess by Charlotte! I love this so much. Amazing composition. For a higher award I would want a sharper image as this is a little soft. Black and white works beautifully here!

Image by Charlotte Rutter 2020

My third award goes to this image by Jodie! I love this moment so much. For a higher award, I would want a better quality image. Also, next time try and get lower down, this will give a better composition as it will give the viewer the same eye level as your son. Lovely moment of calm  Great white balance, composition having him on the third, and framing with the trees! Nailed it  DSLR next time!!!

Image by Jodie Mead 2020

Then my runners up!! Well done everyone 🙂

Image by Becky Sullivan Rose 2020
Image by Cally Honeysett 2020
Image by Andrea Lomas husband 2020
Image by Sarah Benzie 2020
Image by Becky Sullivan Rose 2020

Well done everyone 

Next weeks theme is ‘Through the Window’ – Again, interpret this how you wish! I look forwards to your images. 

Hannah x