This weeks theme was DANCE. Dance can be interpreted in so many ways, from leaves circling in the wind, to children playing.

It was so lovely to see your entires this week, and in particular the progression in skills from one week to the next! A handful of you who are taking my workshop and being really active in the group are really improving! Its really lovely to see you all benefiting from the new CC being given upon request (constructive criticism).

Here are my favourites from this weeks theme……… congratulations to all!

Heidi Easy – GOLD! I LOVE this image so much.
Hayley Cheeseman – Bronze
Summers Day Photography – Bronze
Katie Lipscomb – Bronze

Well done to all who entered this week! It wasn’t a strait forwards one thats for sure.

So, next weeks theme! I did a poll for this one to see what was popular…..we are going to have a theme of ‘Explore’.

As ever, interpret this in any way you wish!

Good luck!

Hannah x