I have been in tears daily this week seeing your images! I set the theme of emotive, and emotive they have been. I wanted to get you thinking about the feelings an image gives you, and you have ALL blown me away.

Here is my favourite image this week. The emotions of everyone around this little one are visible for all too see, what could be more amazing than this little chap entering the world! What a capture by Kiralie Pares!

not an award winner, but what a moment!

So my GOLD award this week goes to this hugely emotive image. I really love this image, though it makes me feel really sad. But that is why it is such a dam good photo! Well done Nikki Hall.

This next image won SILVER! The story behind this image made this even more powerful. Huge congratulations Carol Bisley and thank you so much for sharing this with us!

“This is the moment my best friend hands me my son after she grew him to absolute perfection and then rocked the home water birth! There really is no emotion that has come close to this moment right here. It was over 4 years ago now, and isn’t the best quality picture but quite honestly I don’t really care because looking at it immediately brings me back to the moment.”

This next image had me and I think quite a few others in our group #CAPTURETHAT in tears!

Again a beautiful story, and I am incredibly grateful to you for sharing this with us Becky Sullivan Rose.

“My mum and her long-awaited granddaughter. After 6 years, 4 losses and 4 rounds of IVF, she’s finally here xx”

Huge well done to my award winners, stunning stunning moments. Well done and keep going to everyone who is entering every week. Moments like these are so so dam precious and important!

In 5, 10, 15, 50 years, these memories may well be your most valuable possetions.

This weeks theme is going to be slightly lighter! I think we need a release after all that emotion.

So our next theme is going to be exactly that ‘Release!’

I am so looking forwards to seeing your images 🙂

Hannah xx