I am going to be doing a weekly photography challenge…. #capturethat

I want you to get your cameras out and interpret the challenge in any way you like! Each week will be a different theme, therefore using the #capturethat share your images and post them to our Facebook page. Once I have chosen my favourite images every week I will post my top three.

These can be taken on your phone or camera, this is something for everyone to participate in. The winners will be awarded and published every Saturday.

So this week was our first week. I have been so blown away with what you all captured.

****Best images of the week from ‘In the Kitchen’****

I have really loved seeing all your images this week. I have picked three award winners from all the images entered this week for #CAPTURETHAT ‘In the kitchen’.

Image 1 by Becky Sullivan Rose- Silver award! I love the moment so much. Its beautifully in focus on the man, the composition is super. Really beautiful

hannah dougal film & photography, award winning, #capturethat, competition, photography

Image 2 by Verity Paine – Bronze award! Love the use of angles, black and white documentary style imagery is my fav! Gorgeous light, beautiful moment.

Image 3 by Carol Bisley- Bronze award! – This is a brilliant moment! You have really captured him totally absorbed in what he is doing which is what documentary photography is all about.

I hope you have all loved getting involved. Our next theme is ‘At Play’

Our Facebook group is where you can enter because we would love you to get involved.

Maybe you want to update your camera skills? I can help HERE.