I loved your take on this weeks topic!

Here are my three favourites this week……

Becky Sullivan Rose – ‘Me and my…quirky little ways.’

I really love this image, your daughter is brilliant Becky! She looks so angelic sitting here. Brilliant capture. For a gold, I want to see just a little more of her face.

Cally Honeyset – ‘Me and my adventures 🌱🦀🌻

I love the movement and freedom. Brilliant capture! Don’t forget to straighten your horizon lines!

Amy Glascott – ‘Me and my sister’

Beautiful moment, you will treasure this one!

Well done everyone who entered this week! Great moments captured. I am slightly obsessed with happy images I think…..new topic is ‘Happy’. Only now I have launched it I have realised it is very similar to the week before lasts ‘Happiness is’ topic….. But never mind!

Have a lovely week 🙂

Hannah x