Another amazing week with our #CAPTURETHAT competition with our theme ‘New Normal’.

This week we have five winners.

Darren Pelling – Awarded Gold.

This is exactly it. If the theme had been in the dictionary this is the image that would be next to it. This is the normal for people all over the world. Its so strange and no one would have thought of this being the reality of now six months ago. Fantastic moment.

Katie Lipscomb – Awarded Gold.

Grandparents at the door. Love this so much and I can relate in every way as I think much of the country can right now. The toy in the window makes this image even more brilliant.

Jess Finch – Awarded Silver

Beautiful moment capturing so much emotion. Small hands X

Sarah Benzie – Awarded Bronze.

I love the simplicity of this. It caught my eye as that’s totally my lunch every day too! Its quick and easy and the kids will nearly always eat it. I love the use of depth of field. Great image.

Darren Pelling – Awarded bronze

This captures the reality of your situation so vividly. Amazing documentary photography again!

How amazing are these!

Our theme for next week is #CAPTURETHAT – ‘From Above’. Time to have fun with your angles and capture from a different perspective. Enter your images over on our Facebook group.

Have a fun week and we can not wait to see what you all come up with.

Here is our LINK to our online workshop if you haven’t completed it already.

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