This weeks #CAPTURETHAT – ‘Through the window’ was another great week of entries. I found it also to be quite an emotional one with many of your images being of family on the other side.

This takes us straight on to next weeks theme which is ‘new normal’. We have all had to adapt to a new way of living. Let’s keep each others spirits up and share what our life is like now. How are you all coping?

Whether you are home schooling, entertaining toddlers or working from home etc. You may even be doing all three. We want to see.

Here are this week winners, let us know what you think.

Darren Pelling awarded ‘Gold’

Gold – This image is it. A rare Gold from me! Well done!

Jess Finch awarded ‘Silver’

Silver – LOVE THIS MOMENT SO MUCH! This is what documentary photography is all about. Well done Jess.

Stacey Harding awarded ‘Bronze’

Bronze – I love this image. Its almost like a double exposure! To m are it a little better, I would just drop the blacks a little to add more contrast. Beautiful moment!

Well done and thank you to all that entered we can not wait to see your entries for this week and see all of your #CAPTURETHAT – ‘New normal’

Remember to up your chances by taking them on your DSLR. Want to learn more CLICK HERE.

Don’t forget to share your winning images with families and friends. Lets encourage to get everyone involved and stay connected in this new way of living.