August 2020, In The Garden

Eddie is nearly two years old. From ten weeks in to my pregnancy with him I can hand on heart say he has been nothing but trouble (and love, and joy, of corse!)

I bled for a whole week (heavy!) when I was ten weeks with him, assumed the worst, but there he was hopping about in the emergency scan. Just a bruised uterus….

15 week midwife check, no heartbeat. Another emergency scan and there he is again. Absolutely fine!

20 week scan. Potentially something wrong with his heart? By this time I was fairly confident all was well. Third emergency scan confirms absolutely fine. Nothing to worry about.

32 weeks. He is measuring too big. Glucose test and more scans to tell me I am growing a rhino…… how thrilling. That will the easy water birth I had always dreamed of out the window.

Emergency caesarian when he stopped moving at 38weeks. I wouldn’t expect anything less from this tiny determined human rhino inside my uterus.

Then we had colic, missing testicle and an incredible temper. His surgery to retrieve said testicle is in a few weeks and I am dreading the stunts he may pull.

But here he is. The most hilarious little fire cracker of a boy. You will hear him before you see him. He may bite or he may kiss. He may laugh uncontrollably or scream blue murder. He is so mine