My empowerment sessions happened a bit by accident, a slow noticing of the need for this over a span of ten years shooting families and noticing how the mums always seemed to not want to be in the images, body conscious, self judgemental. Well this has got to stop! Do you see that body? It grew small humans. It endured so much. Even if you are not a mum. Your body has been there with you through thick and thin. The scars and stretch marks carve out the journey you have taken over time. Please don’t hate it. Celebrate yourself! Life is too short to worry about being perfect.

Bex totally embraced her session with me. What a woman! She really sparked my want to do these. She was actually with me for a half day brand session but we ended up focusing on her body conscious mentality and previous negativity towards herself. So I put her in the freezing cold pond and made her see just how fierce she is.

My empowerment shoots are generally held in High Halden, with the versatility of woodland, wild flower meadows, and ponds. It is also a privately owned venue so no worry’s about onlookers bar the odd dog walker.

I release days for empowerment sessions a couple of times a year, so keep your eyes peeled on my Empowerment page!