Empowerment sessions are truly invigorating! You really have to just totally embrace the session, and trust me to create a gallery that will make you feel incredible. It is all about capturing your strength. Men and Women. Celebrate you!

These sessions are held at my private High Halden Venue though I am open to other locations. The pond is waist deep and you do not have to be completely naked. Though I bet you would enjoy it!

Cold water is good for your body and your soul, so these sessions can be booked year round. The time in the water is short (10-15 minutes).

Bring a dressing gown and a hot flask!

Then trust me….


Book your empowerment session here. The next Empowerment shoots are being held on 5th July 2021 at High Halden, Kent

£50 deposit to secure your space, this then comes off your package