The Documentary Experience

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The Documentary Experience.....Film & Photo creation

Where – Anywhere! Your home making cakes, the beach playing in the rock pools, the woods exploring, washing the car, reading books in bed, those amazing first 48 hours in hospital after your baby has been born. Your birth even!


Who – Newborns, children, family, couples, grandparents, cousins, BEST FRIENDS, aunties, uncles, ANYONE YOU LOVE.


Why – These sessions are all about connection, fun, love and laughter. Its everything I am passionate about documenting and everything you will LOVE more and more as each year passes by. These images grow in value over time. All the little everyday moments will be your biggest memories. 

I create imagery and my very popular films from these sessions. Perfect for home newborn sessions, family day out to the beach, trip to the zoo or the funfair! Invite me along.

Don’t wait until you have lost ten pounds, until the time is right, until you have more children. Its all about the now. You cant get this time back again.


What now………..CONTACT ME so we can talk about your family and where to document you best!