I decided this time last year on a new personal creative project. I wanted to document a family for a whole year. Really get inside their family unit and document their day to day. Eventually any barriers would be lost as they became more and more used to me being there with my camera…… allowing me to capture the images I so want to get.

This is the kind of image I love to try and get with my own family. Except it is never a true representation as it is my kids and never me in the images. Usually a certain amount of bribery involved and frustration at missed moments/uncooperative children…..!

So this one is for me. I can pop over once a month or so (COVID DEPENDANT!) with a flask and just sit and observe. Capturing the absolute gold dust that happens in everyones day to day that one day they would LOVE to see back again. It will give me the most amazing opportunity to develop my creativeness with this style of family imagery (and film!)

During a normal storytelling family 1-2 hour shoot there is a lot of pressure on me to work fast and hard. So being under no pressure and no time constraints is very exciting!

I chose the Gilberts out of a huge amount of entries for this (I have left applications open all year looking for the right one). Probably 80-90% of entires were focused purely on getting free images once a month for a year. 10% Didn’t relate to me at all and the last few % totally got it. Got me, got it all. I want to document this 1% every week of my life for as long as I live. Out of 467 applications 5 were my ideal clients (that just gives you a small insight in to how hard I work to target my clients on a day to day basis doesn’t it!)

I chose the Gilberts because of their realness. Their understanding of the importance of the unposed, raw image. True to life, no barriers, no false impressions.

This was our first session of this series. I LOVED it and I am so excited to document them again. Little Riley was born during the second UK lockdown, he has two big sisters to look after him and dote on him. Plus a half brother and sister popping in every now and again for cuddles too! How absolutely magical is that? They certainly have a busy family life. Lots of mess. Lots of children and a TON of love. Perfect.

Enjoy ­čÖé