I had never really put a thought to surrogacy, I knew of it, but not that it actually happened outside of hollywood.

Then I met Gina four maybe five years ago, and have followed her two  surrogacy journeys and documented her pregnancies each time. I briefly mentioned birth photography at the end of her maternity session this time, not expecting to be invited to document such an incredibly intimate and magical time for them all……..then Gina messaged me and made my whole year!!!!

I got a call from Gina’s husband Ian to let me know Gina was on the monitors at Pembury and things looked like they were starting, her waters had gone. So my mum rushed over to babysit and I grabbed my hospital bag and off I went, full of nervous anticipation having never witnessed a birth further than one born every minute!!

It was beyond anything I could have imagined. So many emotions. I even went to theatre with Gina and cut grace’s cord! 

You can read all about Gina and Fran’s stories here. They give an incredible inside view on surrogacy.  

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