This month marks my 6th wedding anniversary with Chris! Madness. It only feels like yesterday I was drowning my nerves with champagne on our wedding morning. Then other days it seems like a million years ago. No kids, party lifestyle, employed, no real responsibilities other than turning up to work on time and trying not to look too hungover.

Hannah & Chris

Saying that, I wouldn’t change what we have now for the word! I wish I did just one more night out back in Tunbridge Wells dancing the night away on Beluga’s sticky floors with Lottie and Page though……

We have had four cats, two dogs, two houses, five cars, one caravan and two beautiful children in our time together. A whole 15 years!

Now our priorities mainly include stopping Ed from injuring Isabelle, one of the dogs or himself, ensuring Isabelle goes to the loo in the morning and drinking copious amounts of coffee.

We are pretty solid still. Bar the odd argument about how to parent. Which impresses me. Neither of us are the same people we were 15 years ago. But we have grown together. I don’t think may people can say that anymore. He brings me cups of tea in the morning, lets me lie in and takes the kids out for the afternoon so I can work.

He’s a pretty good egg and we are very happy 🙂