Well, I am six and a bit weeks in to life as a mum of three! It is magical, relentless and loud. My ears are constantly ringing and there is always someone needing me. But I feel so blessed.

Chris going back to work was a big hit. You go from that newborn fuzzy bliss where you have your husband/support there 24/7 to take care of the other children, house, everything. To having it all on your shoulders. Like boom. There you go and off you go! But we are coping. With a LOT of help from my family.

Maddie was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia at five weeks and was fitted with a pavlik harness… that also massively ricked the boat. I went from a very content, happy little newborn to a raging ball of anger. She hated it (rightly so) and It has taken her a good week to ten days to settle down.

I am loving photographing our day to day. It is bliss to have that time and freedom to capture the moments. My camera is always on the side ready for those moments you think you want to just bottle. I hope you have been enjoying them too!

Here are some of my favourites…

Welcome home Madeline
spinning plates…
A moment of calm
hiding in the hot tub
Maddie x

I would love to continue to write like this openly and authentically! Let me know if you like it ­čÖé