Your family shoot is booked, now the planning begins! Its not easy organising your family……believe me I have been there……

Here is my step by step guide for being prepared for your shoot, so when the date comes, you are ready to go!

  1. Location – This is SO important! Choose a location you love. Visit the location before your shoot if need be. Then when the time comes, you know exactly where you are going and you don’t need to stress about getting lost and being late! Think about the time of year your session is booked and the practicalities and COLOURS of the locations you have in mind. These images are going to be on display in your home. So if you have fairly neutral decor, either go for a strong colour location, like the bluebell woods, sunflower, pumpkin or lavender fields. Or, choose a more neutral location and make your clothes do the talking. Check out my Location Inspiration Guide

2. What to wear…….this is a big one 🙂

Choose clothes you feel good in, and can MOVE in. I want you as confident and relaxed as possible 🙂 If you are having your shoot in the lavender fields, do not choose strong colour clothing as the location is doing the talking. Go for whites, creams and neutrals/pastels. If you are having your shoot on the beach, in the fields etc, go for a pop of colour!

See my Style Guide Here


I always think images look better when there is a stronger colour in there somewhere! It suits my style. Check out my PINTREST page for outfit inspiration!

3. What to bring. As little as possible on your person for the shoot itself. But have a bag of spare clothes, baby wipes and treats for the kids close by. Choose treats that are easy for your children to eat and are clean….. little Haribo bags are brilliant! I might slip a couple of treats in to your welcome pack that you can bring along if you can resist them long enough….

4. BE ORGANISED. The week before your shoot, lay everyones outfits out on the bed and even try them on. You have then got time to make last minute changes. Get your roots touched up, nails done, and anything else you want to have done in time for your shoot.

The day before your shoot, plan your route. Pack your bag and make sure everyone knows the plan. Tell your children a friend is taking some photos tomorrow, this will make them less worried about a shoot with a stranger!

5. The day of your shoot, leave in good time. You can always bring the children’s outfits with you and change them in the car when you arrive. Try and make sure the morning is as relaxed and stress free as possible…… hair brushing etc before you leave. If your shoot is in the evening, try and make sure the little ones nap later on so they are not too tired.

6. Your shoot! RELAX RELAX RELAX. Enjoy your children and embrace the time to have un-interupted time together. Treat me as a friend. I will guide you as necessary. But I am looking for connection between you and your family!

I can’t wait to meet you! Any questions, just shout. If you haven’t booked your shoot for 2020/2021 yet, here is the link!

Documentary & Fine Art – https://421753.17hats.com/p#/scheduling/cxgzpndbhdrbwrpkngttnnhtftdtszzk

Pure (newborns – pre-school) 2021- https://421753.17hats.com/p#/scheduling/bbtbxbzrkvfdpkhhpsxvtnkssspptrcf

Social Distancing shoots (2020) – https://421753.17hats.com/p#/scheduling/vbwxrxssngvzxsdkpgwpntpbcptzwzgn

Hannah x