This is Loui Legend!

I love to document LIFE. Your day to day normal is completely different to the person sitting next to you. Capturing images and film is my way of documenting everything for you to look back on and remember. I think this is invaluable. Here is Loui’s.

Loui was diagnosed with Treacher-Collins Syndrome when Karly gave birth. Up until then they had no idea of what was to come. This family have been through so much and are such an amazing family and team.

If you would like to help raise money towards Loui’s next surgery, and read his full story from the beginning follow this link.

To see this incredible families full gallery click here.

Loui is a true inspiration and it was a joy to capture him with his awesome parents in their own home. Let us know what you like of his beautiful gallery and film.

If you love Loui Legend and his family as much as we all do you can follow his day to day antics via his Facebook page here.

Thanks again for reading and enjoy this gorgeous boys family gallery. Even though he has to have a lot of medical attention, he is just like any other boy his age!