Meet the team!

Our team consists of myself and Emma! I could not do all of this without her, she is busy doing everything behind the scenes whilst I power ahead as the face of the brand, shooting, editing, and planning amazing new ideas!

I met Emma right at the beginning of my journey, I think it was 2016. Isabelle was months old and I had started really pushing my business. Emma came for her first shoot with Tim her husband, and her two girls, Phoebe than around 2 years old, and Holly who had just started sitting up so maybe 5 months old! As you can imagine we became good friends. Emma was a cake maker back then. She has made every one of Isabelle’s birthday cakes to date. She also house sits, cleans, and irons. Though over the years she has been able to drop most of these (including the baking!) We hope as the business grows I will be able to pay Emma enough to drop all her cleaning jobs, as its not exactly where her heart lies……

Emma has been an invaluable asset to me. She is organised, logical, sensible and LOYAL. As a creative, with a very spontaneous brain, Emma really has a grip on managing me as a person, as much as helping with the business. 

She does everything, from designing albums, delivering wall arts to enquiries, media, banking and so much more. 

I speak to her every day (literally) and she endures my three am brain explosions! 

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