– Membership Mini days released through out the year

– Choose between my Full or Half membership

– Affordable monthly payments 

– Online community for styling tips and advice

– Receive a link to your very own online gallery within a week of your mini shoot

– Download your favourite 5 images from each of your mini shoots from a gallery of 20 final hand edited images created from each shoot you attend




· March 2nd Eden (Tenterden Garden Centre)

March 9th MUDDY FOREST ADVENTURES (Hempstead Forest)


April 18th BLOSSOM (Rolvenden The Great Barn)

· April 27th The Blue Room (Hoof & Hook, Tenterden)





· July 14th Lavender Fields (FULL MEMBERS ONLY)

· September 15th Flower Fields (Blooming Green)

· October 5th Pumpkin Patch (Taywell Farm, Goudhurst)

. November 9th Christmas Trees 


Sam Morrison

Sam Morrison

I absolutely love Hannahs mini’s and the chance to get such wonderful pictures of our whole family, seeing the subtle changes over the year at an affordable cost (and being able to purchase over time has been so helpful). I have never had someone be able to capture the pure spirit of my girls and their lovely relationship, it is so special.
I couldn’t chose 1 image but these five in particular make my heart burst ❤️.
We are so lucky to have found her and will continue with not only the amazing minis but definitely more story telling sessions in the future
Jess Finch

Jess Finch

If you walk in my house you will see images everywhere that have been taken by hannah, so when I heard about her monthly minis it was the easiest decision ever….
Becky Hudd

Becky Hudd

The membership is story-telling photography perfection. Capturing moments in time each month, documenting how our baby girl has grown and developed means the world to us.
Esther Godsen

Esther Godsen

This membership is the best thing I have bought this year. I have seen seasonal mini photoshoots become more popular over the years but thought the membership was such a fantastic and affordable way to capture my family over the year.
Sonia Murphy

Sonia Murphy

We were not expecting to get so many lovely photos from those 10 minutes and for the last few months we have really struggled to decide on only three and have quite a few saved in favourites for a printing pacKage later!

Callie Young

Callie Young

The Life Narrator is an absolute joy and creates a fun and comfortable environment for all members of the family. She’s a wizard behind the camera ✨ and each photograph captures us so perfectly. We’ll continue with our membership for as long as she’ll have us ♥️

Vikki Ginn

Vikki Ginn

I have absolutely loved being part of the minis this year, I’m so pleased I managed to grab a last minute space! For me it’s not only having pictures from different locations but documenting the year in pictures for my little boy 💙 We don’t have very many pictures of us so I love knowing that once a month we’ll have a new set! I look forward to the shoot and then spend the next week refreshing my inbox until they arrive 🙈🥰 and at least another week trying to choose!! Thank you Hannah! We’ve loved joining in and can’t wait to continue minis in their new guise next year 🙌🏻

Courtney Hawkins - Smith

Courtney Hawkins - Smith

The mini’s have been great this year! As parents, we’re normally the ones behind the camera taking the photos but we don’t often manage to get candids of us as a family. There’s something magical about having photos of your family just playing and having fun. Our son has changed so much over the last year, and the monthly minis have beautifully captured his transition from a baby to a toddler.

Laura Bates

Laura Bates

I have LOVED having our monthly mini’s with Hannah. It is always a relaxed environment. You can tell Hannah has kids as she knows how to interact and get the best shots! Her wacky ideas always pay off and I haven’t had a month yet where i’ve not loved the photos. Even my mum who hates having her photo taken had fun and liked the pictures. I don’t know how she captures so may amazing shots in such a short space of time. I love having the photos of me and my little boy to look back on and watch him grow and change over the year.
I will definitely sign up again!
Chloe Wraight

Chloe Wraight

Every month Hannah has chosen the most beautiful locations and always has a way of getting the loveliest photos and creating the most magical memories that will last a lifetime!! Thank you so much Hannah!

Charlotte Hollands

Charlotte Hollands

The monthly membership is such a fantastic idea I can’t believe no one else has thought of it before! I am always taking photos, but rarely ever in the photos so to have some amazing quality pictures in different locations every month with my family is priceless and will make such a lovely addition to the annual photo books I put together.
Hannah (and Sarah when she helps) is brilliant at every shoot, making us feel relaxed and at ease. And even though my son, Ben, more often than not wants to do his own thing rather than sit/stand for a photo, she’s still able to capture some amazing shots of him, even going so far as to being where he wants rather than where we want him such as at the Easter shoot 😂.
Some of the shoots have been quite a drive to get to, but it’s been absolutely worth it for each and every photo and just shows how much thought Hannah puts into finding each location. I will absolutely be signing up for membership next year!
I love all the photos we have, but I especially love Ben’s smile in this one 🥰
Charlie Luke

Charlie Luke

This membersip has been everything I could have hoped for and more! The locations have been imaginative & exciting, creating such a huge variety of backdrops!
As a solo mum it was really important for me to capture moments with my little girl so that we both have photographs to look back on in years to come, not just selfies!! This has been perfect for that & we have photos that are better than I could have ever hoped for!!
It is like Christmas every month waiting for the photos to land in my inbox! Thank you so much for this wonderful membership & for making memories that will last a life time!!

What if…

My child(ren) don’t play ball?

There is no right or wrong, nothing expected of them or you during my shoots. Just come and enjoy some time with them, doing whatever it is they want to do. I have worked with children for a long time now and have lots of ways to gently settle them. Making it their own little adventure. There is never any pressure. We will take it at their pace.

I can’t make the shoot

It happens! Just pop me a message and let me know. If possible cancel your shoot using your booking email (there is an option to reschedule). If you give me plenty of warning and there is space at another shoot day you can come along to one of them instead.

I want more than 5 images…

You are welcome to upgrade and have more! Your gallery has it’s own shop

I am late for my shoot

Please again don’t worry! I will squeeze you in somewhere. Just let me know an ETA.

I don’t want to be in the photos

I strongly encourage parents to be a part of the shoot. It helps your children to settle, ESPECIALLY young children. If they are just left in front of me and my camera, it can be incredibly daunting for them and the photos will be of your child looking pretty anxious. At least join them for a few before jumping out when they are comfortable.