Take the pressure of yourself. You are doing amazing. I totally get it, I really do. Us mums have got this!

I get my mum to take photos of me with the kids sometimes and I look through them and judge myself. When all I see is that I am not the pre children Hannah I once was……..I am bigger, my skin is terrible through lack of sleep, my hair is grey and usually in a knot on the top of my head because I haven’t had time to wash it/do anything with it for days. Why bother wearing nice clothes as the kids snot and grubby hands inevitable end up all down whatever I wear in minutes.

Its VERY tempting to delete the lot. But I won’t. Because that is the person my kids know and love. They honestly don’t care about what I look like. All they care about is that I am happy and I am with them in that photo.

Family occasions is definitely one of those times. I wanted to share our 2019 Christmas with you. I always make such an effort to make sure to always be in the photos. You need to also!

What if something happened to you tomorrow? It does happen. You just do not know. Would your children have photos of their mum with them to look back on?

Mums be in the photo!

Take the pressure off yourself. You are raising beautiful children. Remember you haven’t put the time in to yourself because your everything goes in to them, and that is totally amazing. You are amazing! Now go get in that photo