This venture started when I came to the end of my teather with being ’employed’. The final straw for me in employment was being told I couldn’t take overtime (trust me in veterinary practice you collect plenty of this) one afternoon where we were all sitting in the staff room doing NOTHING. 


I came to the conclusion then and there that I wanted to work for myself. The idea seemed almost unreachable…….


My talents have always lied in creativity. I was an art scholar at school, won all the art/drawing/photography awards going and thrived in being able to write my own path. 


In the beginning, I thought I had it mastered! I made a website, facebook page and started making some pocket money shooting at the weekends at my local park. I figured then if I could shoot 20 family shoots a month for £50 I had it made…….that would equal my vet nurse wage…. 


Then I had Isabelle. The thought of going back to work and leaving her was unimaginable. So I put everything in to my little venture and turned it very quickly in to the thriving business I own today.


Now with two young children, a husband and two dogs to keep alive alongside my business, things have become…..challenging!


Its all about MANAGING my time. Compartmentalising.  Separating family time and work time. I say this and know very well that I am utterly terrible at this. Often (daily) working late in to the night, answering phone calls on play dates and carrying out meetings with my kids in the room. 


 Its definitely NOT easy. My business demands my time and so does my family. I sacrifice one or the other every day and the mum guilt is tremendous. But I am getting better…… Emma is the answer mostly. She manages me. Organises and keeps track. Helps with everything from nursery pick ups to scheduling meetings. 

 But it gives me FREEDOM, CHOICE, MY TIME. I can organise my life. Take holidays when I want. Take the day off. 

The future plan is more kids, expanding business and pushing this awesome venture further and further. Just look where it has taken me so far!


Hannah x