THESE are what I strive for, images/film like this where you completely relax and let go of any inhibitions. It isn’t always easy. In fact it is down right difficult! But I will help and we will get there.

I LOVE to be creative, imagine scenes with my clients in mind, then go out and do it! Tailored sessions where I choose where we go and what we do, based on you. This is an art.

Nicola was quite anxious about her photos being taken. I think as mums we give so much of ourselves to our children and family, that when we are asked to be us again, it is a little overwhelming. I am going to be documenting their wedding day next year (was supposed to be this year, thanks Corona), so I needed them to LOVE these images, and most of all for Nicola to love herself in these images. That was my goal.

So I asked them to bring a bottle of bubbles to help them to relax a little before we started, Nicola to wear a floaty dress she could move in , casual clothes for Ollie that he didn’t mind getting a little wet…., then meet me at Pett Level for sunset. Oh, and waterproof mascara…..

It was essential that they trusted me and let it happen.

And trust me they did……..

They have both had a pretty stressful time over the last year, with their wedding being cancelled, amongst other things, so to see them slowly unravel and embrace the moment during their session was magical. I am truly grateful they allowed me to create these, and share them with you all.

Sometimes we all need to let our hair down a little and go with it! If you would like to meet me at sunset for a storytelling session, click here and choose an evening session. We will time to sunset/tide out!

Thank you x