This session 100% lit my creative heart on fire and set a standard for my work to follow. Beautiful Noah with his mummy, daddy and big sister, Delilah. We documented all those tiny details, the ones you wish you could bottle and hold on too forever. His tiny hands, his tiny toes, the little swirls of hair on his head. The cooes, the looks the love. We captured it all.

It isn’t all about Noah either. It is you. This time in YOUR life. Your home, the baby clutter, the bottles stacked up on the draining board, the sling laying on the sofa, the washing up that never gets done. This is all part of those first beautiful, crazy, overwhelming months with Noah.

This is your life now and this is what I want to capture for you. So don’t fret about the mess, don’t tidy the clutter because believe me I do not care one bit. These piles of clothes and stacks of nappies are adding layers too your story, they are the evidence of the life being lived in your world now.

Leave it there and forget I am in the room. This way I can capture the utter rawness of your life with your new baby.