“She gives so much of herself so you feel completely at ease being entirely yourself in return”

Sarah Stanbrook wrote this, and it is the best description of me I have ever heard.

I worked closely with Sarah last year to document some very sensitive topics for a project she is working on. To be able to achieve these images it was absolutely imperative Sarah was able to feel completely comfortable with me, like being in a room (or a field stark naked), with one of your closest friends. No barriers could remain, and none did!

I am a completely open book, always have been! An over sharer my friends will tell you…

I need my clients to feel at ease and completely relaxed around me to be able to get the images I need. The way I feel we achieve this is by showing all my clients the real me and really committing my time and energy into really getting to know them. This is when you truly relax.

Here are a couple of images from my time with Sarah last year.

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