Good question….But I have had a lot of time to think about this, make plans and change every aspect that needed changing in order to make my business continue to thrive through this strange and unpredictable new climate. After all, my business is my world. I have built it from scratch and I was not about to let it go down the pan because someone ate a blooming bat!

First, MONEY. How will I make money if I am unable to shoot? I had to think fast for this as my income dropped to £0 over night. Bills needed paying and I had to think on my feet. ONLINE WORKSHOPS.

My knowledge is key. I was thrown in to a situation where no one could book me and I could not capture their families…… so why not teach parents (or anyone willing to learn), how to see the world differently, like I do, to capture the every day in a whole new way. Documentary photography is my absolute passion after all and to be able to pass on this knowledge was not only massively rewarding, but meant I had a steady income.

I also had to cut out anything I could to reduce outgoings. This meant selling my workshops would keep my head above the water until I could shoot again. Cuts meant I lost Emma, my right hand. But this also made me sit down, take control, and re-evaluate how I could make each step more efficient. So along came my online booking system, online galleries, online shop and an automated workflow so all I had to do was watch the bookings come in once lockdown was released.

Next, my prices HAD TO CHANGE. Corona virus has impacted everyone and a lot of families financially. I never want my work to be out of reach for my clients.

So I sat down and thought about why I do what I do. It is not for the money, it is because what I deliver to you is invaluable. These memories are PRICELESS and I knew that was the most important thing. But I also needed to make sure I could continue to run as a business. So I cut the crap.

My pricing has always been based on what I need to make per month to pay myself a wage, pay the bills, and then divide this by how much I can actually afford to work per month with my two young children. Though my monthly outgoings were now reduced, my childcare had (and has indefinitely) stopped completely. Meaning I now have to factor in how many hours I can physically put in to my work without impacting my family time.

So I came up with BRONZE, SILVER & GOLD. Basic online digital packages. No more in person viewings, which I am gutted about, but saves me around 6-13 hours per client (planning, doing, ordering wall arts, designing etc etc!)

Before this, my packages included prints, wall arts and albums. But with everything being digital it meant I could cut down what I charge my clients considerably without impacting my own income. These of corse are still available on top of the packages.

It has been a LOT of work. Endless hours working on my website to make everything streamlined, changing the way I run my business, perfecting and refining the client journey to ensure the most amazing experience for you. My lovely, loyal clients who I am so grateful for. Without your continued support I would not be in this position. I am proud to say, my business is back up and running, and will continue to do so for a very long time (I hope!).