I met Sarah a few years ago, she was looking for images to reflect and capture something quite specific. Her. She has had a hell of a life, with many stories to tell. As a result, peeling back the layers to find the true Sarah was going to prove difficult. Sarah even thought perhaps impossible. Sarah is writing a blog of her life, hence needing the images to narrate!

But we worked together and built a relationship over 2019. A friendship! This enabled us to bond, meaning the layers started to come away…….

From the start of 2019 to last week……. see the change!

Sarah has recently started a new venture – Sarah Stanbrook – The Business Architect.

My first ever photo of Sarah…..
Shooting in her home
Favourite spot
Sarah started to tell her story through the images we created
Her family has a long history of witchcraft! It’s fascinating to hear her stories
Taking her out her (and my) comfort zone…..
Our last shoot of 2019! We were nearly there
Meet Sarah, 2020
Can you see the difference?