Beautiful family at The Hop Shop, Sevenoaks for there Fine Art Experience.

Everyone adores the warm sun, beautiful flowers and the warmth and happiness the summer months bring.

A huge favourite for shooting in the summer is at the lavender fields. We have hired the fields at The Hop Shop in Sevenoaks for a few years now and it is so worth it.

The Lavender fields are popular because of the amazing backdrop they provide. The sea of purple creates the most stunning images! Our Fine Art Experience is perfect to capture the most breathtaking images to display on your wall.

We have had the pleasure of documenting Sofia and her parents for a few years now and were so excited to be able to have had the opportunity to capture them for another year.

The Fine Art Experience Exclusive is all about creating those fifteen perfect images that you can proudly display on your wall. HERE you can view The lovely Packham family final images.

These images are all about creating that one of a kind image that tells a story all by itself. They are National Competition Standard and will proudly be displayed on your walls for many years to come.

You can follow the link HERE for more information on our Fine Art Experiences.