This is one of the first questions I am asked when we are booking sessions……where to go?

VERY good question, where you choose to have your family photos taken will largely impact the outcome of your shoot. Hugely in fact!

This out these three very important things,

1. Your family members – where do you all feel happy and comfortable?

I want to document your family interacting as naturally and as happily as possible, I know its awkward having your photo taken but you will be amazed how fast you will forget that is what we are doing ­čÖé So where do you go together? Local woodland, the beach, your living room, bowling alley even! Think outside the pretty box of bluebell woods etc as even though these are important, it is FAR more important that you are all comfortable and happy in your surroundings.


What colours do you like? What colours do you wear? There is no point us going to the lavender fields (stunning location by the way) If you HATE PURPLE and won’t put it up on your wall!

3. Practicality

If you have very young children, can we get there with your pushchair? Are you happy carrying them through the fields? Is it wheelchair accessible?

Thats about it!

Think outside the box, go somewhere you all love, ENJOY IT