Ten ways to keep your photography business ticking over lockdown

As photographers we are faced with months of uncertainty. We have no shoots and no income (until June!). It’s very important to keep our social media ticking in order to ensure we have a business to go back too when this is over.

I am looking at this lockdown period as an opportunity to fill my current clients and future clients newsfeeds with positivity and hope for the future! I will continue to document my own life in my own four walls and talk about my own experiences.

Here are ten ways to keep YOUR photography business ticking.

1. Let them in. Be open. People buy from people. Use this time to let your audience get to know you. Talk about your worries, fears and achievements! You can guarantee they are all going through the same and this will help them relate to you.

2. Keep things positive. There is a lot of negative, scary and downright depressing information being pumped in to our daily lives at the moment. Post positive material.

3. Enter competitions and get awards! Now is the time to spend on getting some awards to post all over your social media!

Be Creative!!

4. Shoot every day! Document your every day. Be creative. Be engaging. I recently did a shoot with my kids toys. I shared it on all the baby and toddler groups and it went down a treat! Lots of new likes and interest in my work.

5. Email your clients. I use Mailchimp to email on mass my mailing list. Keep in touch and let them know you are n out going anywhere.

6. Gift vouchers with incentive. Get clients buying vouchers to use with no expiry or longer expiry. I am currently offering £5 for every £10 spent.

7. Online workshops! Teach the basics and get the public engaging. You can’t be there to document their families, so show them how they can do it themselves.

8. Create a group and invite your clients past and present. Set weekly photography challenges. Reinforce people can use their phones as cameras. It’s all about engaging with your audience.

9. Go over your website and update images, text etc. Check your branding and literature.

10. Plan and organise!!! Organise your hard drives, plan Instagram posts, Facebook posts and Pinterest posts. You have TIME on your hands like never before. Use this time to tidy and arrange. Then when this dam virus has gone, you are ready and waiting to start drawing your clients back in.

I have been creating my own Corona Virus Diaries. This is not just for me to look back on but my kids, family, friends and clients. View our gallery HERE.

I hope this helps you and your Photography business during Lockdown 2020.