I loved this session endless amounts! Arlo & his little brother Logan were so happy and content, loving their parents playing airplanes with them, throwing them in the air and chase!

I met them at their home, then we took a little walk to the fields at the back of their home. Found a quiet spot where the sun filtered through the trees (it was 6.30pm so the sun was nice and low in the sky). Then I gently eased them in to the photos. I knew mum was anxious about having her photo, taken so I took extra care to keep everything as relaxed as possible. I sat down and had a chat with her whilst she played with Logan, taking snaps whilst she didn’t really notice.

“I recently had my amazing photography session with Hannah, I’ve never had any photos taken before and try to avoid getting in photos but recently I thought I need to make sure I am for the boys to look back on and see what an amazing time we had. Hannah suggested we did a really relaxed shoot just go for a walk and I was so against it, I didn’t feel comfortable, Any excuse I had a baby 4 months ago and didn’t feel I was back to myself yet but Hannah said to just book it but soon and go with it so I didn’t have the chance to go back on it and over think it to much, we went for that next week. The day came and I was worried about what I was wearing and just generally feeling so insecure about myself, even walking up to the field I was thinking ohhh no I can’t do this, but Hannah made it so relaxed, we just were ourselves and the outcome is amazing, the photos are just so lovely and such a nice memory to have, captured us perfectly without being posed. I think if your thinking about doing it but worried about things just try to forget it, just go for it, make the memories that will last a life time.”

Jodie Mead, July 2020