Wellness is a huge topic at the moment (rightly so), and as you know, very important to me. In fact I started a Wellness Subscription Box during the pandemic to bring wellness to as many parents as possible (because my goodness we needed it)! Covid I feel opened everyones eyes to the importance of looking after our mental and physical health. Children spend on average over 600 hours a year at school, so it is paramount their environment is enriching and nourishing. I want to help the school create a Wellness area for the children of Tenterden. Somewhere they can explore, learn and play together. Complete with an outdoor classroom, a maze, tunnels, and sensory areas. 


This is going to need MAN POWER innitially to clear the area as currently it is FULL of brambles. Then once we have done that, we can create a design and get a ground works team in to landscape. 


So we need money. 


And you need photos. 


So I am going to be releasing outdoor mini sessions at the school every day for a week (after school finishes) sometime soon! Join my mini wait list if you havent already. More info to follow. \